Your vs. You're

What is the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE?

A lot of people confuse “your” and “you’re” because it is a very simple grammatical mistake to make. Even native English speakers can make mistakes with these words sometimes. Why? Because they sound the same and the writing is almost identical.  But still what’s the difference between “your” and “you’re”?

Your is a possessive pronoun. It is used as a second-person adjective. It means that “your” is always followed by a noun. This noun is associated with you or belongs to you.


I’d like to see your ID, sir.

Your house is new.

That’s your dog and you must be responsible for it.

I can’t accept your offer.

What happened to your car?

You’re  is a contraction of two words: “you” and “are”. That’s it. Simple, right? Let’s look at some examples:

You’re so beautiful in this dress.

You’re responsible for what you did.

You’re welcome.

You’re smarter than I thought.


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