Top 10 Phrasal Verbs in English

Top 10 Phrasal Verbs in English (Part 1)

Phrasal verbs are very important in English. They are commonly used in informal texts and spoken language. Phrasal verbs usually consist of a verb and an adverb or a preposition. For example, go through, get up or turn down. But sometimes they can be made up of a verb and two prepositions (e.g. put up with, look up to).

What’s tricky about phrasal verbs is that attaching a preposition like “up” to a verb can completely change the meaning of the whole sentence. That’s why it is really important to know as many phrasal verbs as possible.

Here is a list of most common phrasal verbs that can be useful in your everyday life:

1) Check out

Meaning:  1) to find out if something is correct or examine something in order to get information about it. 2) to pay the bill and leave (a restaurant or a hotel)


We should check out that store, their prices are really low.

We should check out from the hotel as soon as possible. Our flight is in 2 hours.

2) Find out

Meaning: to discover something, to get information about something by reading about it or asking


I’ve found out that her brother was adopted.

Could you please find out when this show starts?

3) Get along with

Meaning: to have friendly relationships with someone


These two boys never had a fight; they always got along with each other.

You have to get along with him for 3 more weeks.

4) Go ahead

Meaning: to begin or continue doing something, especially when someone gave permission.


Please go ahead and tell me what happened at that meeting.

“May I continue?” “Yes, go ahead”

5) Put up with

Meaning: to tolerate something, to accept something that is annoying.


I’m not going to put up with your lies. You should tell me the truth.

I don’t know how he puts up with her. She is so talkative.

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