Student Testimonials

Our students’ testimonials motivate us to work hard to continue to be the best English Language School in New Jersey and metropolitan New York area.

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I’ve been studying English for 2 weeks at Nile Language School. My teacher Pauline provides a variety of materials related to the class and encourages all students to participate. During breaks, I can enjoy drinking coffee and tea for free. This center offers a comfortable environment for studying English.

Jaeyoung K. – Student

I thank Nile Language School very much for the attention to our needs and help its staff provide. I attended several English schools but none was efficient as NLS. I will continue learning English at Nile with pleasure.

Sahyjemal A. – Student

I like my teacher and classmates at Nile Language School. They are very respectful and friendly. When I don’t do my homework, my teacher understands. I feel relaxed here.

Selma K. – Student

Our Students’ Success Proves We Have Accomplished Our Mission

NLS gives you not only valuable knowledge, but also a new family. You always feel welcome as if you were at home and friendly as if you had known people there for a long time.

Aidana D. – Student

I like NLS. If it wasn’t good, my wife and I would have not continued for the past year. The teachers and classmates are excellent.

Ergün O. – Student

Everything you would want in teachers- extremely thorough, thoughtful, intelligent, great listeners, and pay extreme attention to you.

Youssef S. – Student

At Nile Language School I feel at home.

Imagazali O. - Student

I recommend Nile Language School because everyone is very friendly, and teachers are very skilled.

Andrea M. ​– Student

 I’ve been in this school for 6 months my language got way better I’m close to fluency I love this school from my heart❤️ Everyone is very friendly here, they help you with more than just learning English.

Mahmoud J. – Student

Nice and friendly teacher with a high education staff. I improved my English so fast at Nile Language School. 

Noel Tossea - Student

A lot of practice, very nice teachers. 

Hacer Y. – Student

I love Nile Language School.
The teachers are very caring and very kind. I would recommend it to everyone. You definitely won’t regret it. 

Gulcan G. – Student

Nile Language School is an English language school in New Jersey, USA and prides itself on delivering the highest quality ESL education.

NLS is the leader in providing English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction and preparing the students from the global community for the TOEFL iBT test and education in America as well as other English-speaking countries. NLS is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

NLS prides itself on delivering the highest quality holistic ESL experience including instruction in a friendly environment, cultural immersion, and the most competitive tuition rates among the English language schools.

Teacher Testimonials

Anna Capell - Program Coordinator, ESL Instructor

Nile Language School is more than just a language school. It is an environment where both the teachers and the students can grow together, learn from one another, share experiences, and foster friendships. It is a community that promotes teamwork and commitment to both teaching and learning. At NLS we work hard, have fun together and, most importantly, support one another. I think this particular model is highly effective in attracting and retaining top talent for our students.

Ardit Marku - ESL Teacher

Teaching with NLS has honestly been an amazing experience. The staff is incredibly supportive and make sure that we are provided with the tools we need to do our best. When I first started, I actually had some audio issues and the tech support specialist, talked me through my options via Zoom and even helped me fix some other issues on my computer. Any time any issue has come up, I have always gotten the help I needed within a few hours. Overall, I am very happy with my time as a teacher here and can say nothing but great things about my experience.

Ilya Morgunov - ESL Teacher

I’ve been working with Nile Language School since November, 2020. I teach ESL 103 and ESL 203 classes. Overall, it’s been a positive experience for me. I’ve enjoyed forming relationships with my colleagues and students. The management has been very helpful. I’m glad I decided to work with NLS.

Sanyu Ntanda - ESL Teacher

I love teaching my students at the Nile Language School. Hearing their English speaking skills improve is most rewarding. Also, the staff is great and very responsive!

Pauline Karakat - ESl Teacher

I have been an ESL Instructor at Nile Language School since February 2017. I have taught all language levels, but I have been primarily teaching Intermediate and High Intermediate ESL students for the last four years. As an NLS Instructor, I always encourage my students to incorporate the speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills we practice in the classroom into their everyday lives. I am fortunate to work at a school that fully embraces English language immersion strategies and skills into their academic curriculum, and I look forward to sharing these with more students at Nile Language School for the foreseeable future.

Miranda Darduini - ESL Teacher

”Time and again, students have revered the patience, meticulousness, and thoroughness of each online lesson, which has proved to be quite successful as we all try to adapt to the new reality imposed by the Pandemic. Students are eager to escape their daily routines to stop for a few hours and learn English for their future or their personal cultural development. We have a safe online space that is inviting and truly nurturing, in which students thrive. I am honored to be part of this very personal yet transformational developmental process my students undergo and humbled by how the smallest of gestures and the kindest words of encouragement can make a world of difference for students!

Julie Seo - ESL Teacher

Teaching at NLS has been wonderful! There is a strong, positive team culture, and the administration is very supportive and helpful. My classes have been fun to teach, and the students are highly interested in learning.

We are Proud of Our Teachers!

More about NLS​

Nile Language School is the leader in providing English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction and preparing the students from the global community for the TOEFL iBT test and education in America as well as other English-speaking countries. NLS is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

Nile Language School Testimonials

More Reasons to Enroll in NLS' English Courses

Online English Courses
Online English Courses

You just commit to learning English in the comfort of your home in your country of domicile with NLS’s online English courses.

Best teachers
Best Teachers

Our instructors are professionals who hold advanced academic degrees – MAMS, or PhD. as well as TESOL certificates.

NLS Student Advising
Student Advising

NLSDirector, Program Coordinator, or Student Services Coordinator are always ready to guide the students.

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