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"If your desire is to learn English online, all you need is the best online English courses offered by the top online language school. Nile Language School makes sure that learning English isn't limited to a traditional classroom."

Nile Language School is a division of the Lingua Prime Group, providing online English language training.

In the recent years, multilingualism has become increasingly significant making learning English as a Second Language online a tool necessary to unfold employment opportunities in the context of modern globalization. Online English education enables global citizens to communicate in English and use it as the universal language for business and networking with people around the world. The more skilled you are, the more able you will be to promote yourself in the context of employment opportunities and learning about cultures, lifestyles, and places.

In case you are worried about your education because of the complexities of the COVID -19 reality around the globe, we have a solution for you. Online education model has enabled educators and students around the world to continue learning without interruptions from the convenience of their home, office, or other locations.

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Looking for the Best Online English Courses?

If your desire is to learn English online, all you need is the best online English courses offered by the top online language school. Nile Language School makes sure that learning English isn’t limited to a traditional classroom. In fact, the best online English courses are designed to keep students engaged in communication and guide them in a student-friendly manner ideal for both remote learners and traditional students considering enhancing their abilities outside of a conventional framework.

Whatever your needs are, whether it is your career, leisure, or simply curiosity, NLS offers you the best Online English Courses that will satisfy your needs. Further, online classes are more affordable, and students can experience studying English in the USA from the comfort of their homes.

What are you waiting for? Just wake up, turn on your device, and enroll in a top notch English course. All you need is a device with the proper internet connection, a few hours a day, and you will be all set to learn English online with NLS.

Why chose Online English at Nile Language School?

Nile Language School is one of the best English Language Schools in the USA. Our diverse student population who joins online ESL courses/classes represents various cultural backgrounds and experiences. NLS’s flexible class schedules are convenient for students from different time zones around the globe. NLS’ ESL courses are designed by experts who enhance the learning process by promoting a sense of community, which ultimately helps you progress and improve communication skills in English.

NLS’s highly experienced English faculty member are always available to offer support and help you grow your linguistic confidence for real-life communication. With the right guidance, you can accomplish the professional and personal success you have been striving for. Remember, NLS will always be there to support you at all stages of your learning process!

How will one benefit from online NLS courses/classes?

NLS helps students from all over the world to achieve success and:

• improve English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
• expand English vocabulary to effectively communicate and collaborate in social and business contexts;
• gain confidence to pursue personal and professional goals.

What will you learn in NLS Online English Classes?

To learn English online, you need live trainers with expert advice, study independently, and practice communication outside of the online classroom. NLS allows you to you participate in live English classes and learn English from American teachers. You will learn all the basics, such as structure, speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition, online students are required to submit all assessments including presentations, oral quizzes, and final exams.

Online English Courses offered by NLS

Being an online language school, NLS offers a range of flexible schedules and proficiency levels to meet your needs. NLS offers online ESL courses from beginner to advanced with focus on speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills to ensure effective communication in a variety of real life situations. Moreover, high school graduates or individuals 16 years or older can sign up for intensive or semi-intensive courses NLS offers. To join the classes, please click the link below:

What you have at your disposal is a selection of self-study and expert-led education with a wide range of exclusive practice materials designed to help you learn the English language more efficiently. At NLS you will experience live online instruction, gain access to customized learning pathways, receive progress evaluation, and feedback.

What Our Students Say?

I thank Nile Language School very much for the attention to our needs and help its staff provide. I attended several English schools but none was efficient as NLS. I will continue learning English at Nile with pleasure.
Sahyjemal A. – Student
I’ve been studying English for 2 weeks at Nile Language School. My teacher Pauline provides a variety of materials related to the class and encourages all students to participate. During breaks, I can enjoy drinking coffee and tea for free. This center offers a comfortable environment for studying English.
Jaeyoung K. – Student
The best of any english lessons I have ever taken. Teachers are so kind and understanding. Our lessons are really fun. While we learn something new, we also have a lot of fun. So I sincerely recommend you to take this course.
Sumeyra A.

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