Faculty Development

Faculty Development at NLS

Nile Language School values the importance of professional development of its faculty (Faculty Development). Application of teaching principles and keeping up to date with industry trends ensure continuous instructional efficiency and professional growth. As outlined in a job description, faculty members are required to participate in professional development activities and complete their professional development requirements. NLS offers the following professional development events:

Faculty Meetings:

Meetings are scheduled every month. All faculty members are required to attend. Items related to previous and current sessions are discussed, including student progress, classroom management, curriculum, assessment, materials, equipment, and class-related issues.

In-House Workshops:

In-house workshops allow faculty members to explore and exchange effective methodologies, activities, and best practices based on their professional experience. Faculty members are encouraged to research and present an industry-specific topic from which their colleagues can benefit. Training may also be provided by outside presenters. 2 (two) in-house workshops are scheduled per academic year.

Professional Development: External Conferences & Conventions:

Faculty members are informed of professional development activities and events taking place locally, nationally, and internationally. NLS sponsors only a certain number of participating faculty each year. In the event that NLS is unable to send all faculty members to an external event, an attendee will deliver a workshop for those who were unable to participate.

TESOL Membership & Other Professional Development Opportunities:

NLS holds a Professional TESOL Membership in order to enable faculty members to connect with industry professionals. Professional TESOL Membership allows year-round access to professional development events and activities, including webinars, discussions, forums, networking opportunities, and others.

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