Best English Language School in New Jersey

NLS – The Best English Language School in New Jersey

Are you wondering whether you should take English language classes to improve your second language? Are you looking for the best English language school in New Jersey? Well, NLS is for you!

We offer all our students a path to developing their language skills at a competitive and affordable rate.

Here at Nile Language School, we are committed to supporting our students in a cross-cultural environment and provide services that will encourage growth.

Our classes include:

  • Beginner English
  • Intermediate English
  • Advanced English
  • College Preparation/TOEFL

Our students say, “NLS has helped me improve my listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the English language to achieve my goals and NLS offers the best ESL classes near me.”

Nile Language School Teachers

When enrolling at the best English language school in New Jersey, you get welcomed by teachers committed to challenging you in a fun and safe environment. Our highly trained and attentive teachers want the best for you and will work hard to ensure your success.

Qualified teachers at NLS:

  • Offer counsel on student performance to make sure each student stays focused on their learning goals.
  • Create engaging lessons.
  • They are adaptable and will adjust to your learning needs.
  • Provide a safe learning environment.

Competitive pricing

Nile Language School offers competitive-driven prices so that you can spend your days focused on your education and not on tuition costs.

Your tuition will cover school fees, educational resources, and books at regular tuition with our low-cost ESL classes.

Best English Language School in New Jersey

We Support You

There are academic and personal advisors who are there to help you adjust to your new environment. Even if you are a little homesick or want to get a driver’s license, we offer support programs to meet your needs. For a list of your new support system, see the student portal!

With tutoring services to help with your homework, writing skills, grammar, and vocabulary, rest assured that here at the best English language school in New Jersey, NLS will support you. If you are battling in your classes, reach out to your advisors!

Downtime at the best English language school in New Jersey

NLS organizes wonderful picnics, parties, field trips, and other outdoor activities to get you involved in American culture. Experience the beautiful world around you and interact with like-minded people in your school. These excursions help students incorporate what they learn in the classroom into real-life scenarios.

Show off your new-found skills at the best English language school in New Jersey.

Final Thoughts

If you have asked, “where are the best ESL classes near me” then we would tell you it is right here at Nile Language School. We hope you will immerse yourself in American culture, learn a wonderful new language, and meet new people for memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re interested in enrolling at the best English language school in New Jersey, contact us today to talk to a student advisor!


Nile Language School is the leader in providing English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction and preparing the students from the global community.




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