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Upcoming Sessions​

FALL 2022

Session III

November 7 – December 16

FALL 2022

Winter Break

December 17, 2022 – January 1, 2023


Session IV

January 2 – February 10


Session V

February 13 – March 24


Session VI

March 27 – May 5


Session VII

May 8 – June 16


Session VIII

June 19 – July 28


Summer Break

July 31 – August 11

FALL 2023

Session I

August 14 – September 22

FALL 2022

Session II

September 25 – November 3

FALL 2023

Session III

November 6 – December 15

FALL 2022

Winter Break

December 18, 2023 – January 1, 2024

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Orientations Schedule

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Student Orientations 2020: January 6, February 17,April 6, May 17, July 6, August 17, September 28, November 9

Student Orientations 2021: January 5, February 15, March 29, May 10, June 21

Holidays and Celebrations

School is closed on official holidays and celebrations

Martin Luther King Day: 3rd Monday of January

Memorial Day: Last Monday of May

Independence Day: July 4

Labor Day: 1st Monday of September

Thanksgiving Day: 4th Thursday of November

Christmas Day: December 25

New Year’s Day: January 1

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Class Schedules

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Intensive English Program (IEP)​

The Intensive English Program is designed for full-time students at Nile Language School. Intensive classes meet 20 hours a week, which allows the students to complete a session in 6 weeks and the full level in 24 weeks.

Learn English Online

General English Program

The General English Program is designed for part-time students at Nile Language School. General English classes meet 16 hours a week, which allows the students to complete a course in 6 weeks and a full level in 24 weeks.

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TOEFL Test Preparation

The TOEFL Program is designed for full-time students at Nile Language School TOEFL classes meet 20 hours a week, which allows the students to complete a course in 12 weeks.

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Semi-Intensive English

The Semi-Intensive English Program is designed for part-time students at Nile Language School. Semi-Intensive English classes meet 8 hours a week.

Student Services​

The needs of our students are a top priority. NLS offers a range of Student Services to ensure that students flawlessly transition to the American culture and lifestyle. The School Director, Student Services Coordinator, and Program Coordinator are available to answer students’ questions about the school and other matters in general, such as housing, transportation, banking, sporting and recreation, tourist attractions, colleges and universities, internships, scholarships, and social and cultural norms. The School Director and Program Coordinator can also help the students with school related issues.

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Student Advising​

NLS has three administrators who also serve as advisers. Students can make appointments with the Director, Program Coordinator, or Student Services Coordinator for academic and personal advising. Office hours of each administrator are posted on the InfoBoard in the main hall.

If the administrators feel that a student’s needs exceed the resources available within NLS, referrals to other professionals, services, or programs are provided.

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Academic Advising​

Academic advising is available for students whose needs are academic in nature. Academic advising is provided for students who

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Personal Advising

Personal advising is available for students whose needs are personal in nature. These needs may include:

Student Tutoring

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Tutoring Center

Tutoring is available for students who need extra help with vocabulary, writing skill, grammar, TOEFL, pronunciation, or homework.

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Textbooks are available for purchase on campus with little or no difference in price.

Parties, Celebrations, and Picnics

Parties, Celebrations, and Picnics

NLS occasionally organizes celebrations, programs and outdoor activities such as picnics, field trips, and other special events. These events are designed to immerse students into the American culture, incorporate their language in real-life situations, and encourage diversity.

Class/Schedule Change

Class/Schedule Change

Students may request a class or schedule change only for legitimate reasons. For instance, if a student desires to move to another ESL course, the student must undergo a skills evaluation by the Student Advisor. Upon the Student Advisor’s recommendation, the student can move to the desired course. Teachers may also recommend a student’s  change of course.  NLS can accommodate these changes as long as there is availability.

Official Letters

Official Letters

Students may request official letters such as certification as a current student at Nile Language School, certification as a previous student at Nile Language School, a letter for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and transfer letters. Letters are processed within five to seven business days upon request.



A certificate is issued to students who successfully complete:

The request should be submitted  to the Director or Program Coordinator’s office, and the certificate will be available for retrieval  in five business days.

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