5 Pathways to Student Success

5 Pathways to Student Success at NLS

Nile Language School prides itself on delivering the highest quality English as Second Language education. NLS guarantees the highest quality holistic ESL experience including instruction in a friendly environment, cultural immersion, and the most competitive tuition rates among English language schools. To ensure the students reach the desired level of English proficiency, NLS incorporates 5 Pathways to Student Success into its policies, procedures, and services.

Pathway 1: Teaching Methodology

Nile Language School utilizes the Communicative Approach to teaching. Students are actively involved in real-life communication as it takes place in different types of environments where English is spoken. Only English is allowed in the classroom. Activities include individual work, pair and/or group work, class discussions, role plays, interactive games, oral presentations, and group projects. Class projects, celebrations, and field trips may also be arranged pending the Director’s approval. In addition, advanced courses place special emphasis on improving critical thinking skills necessary in academic environments. Students learn to be adept and open-minded thinkers able to evaluate information based on evidence.

Pathway 2: Assessments

Nile Language School follows a schedule of assessments.  NLS’ assessment instruments include Quizzes, Finals, Speaking Tests, and Speaking/Writing Projects. Each grading criterion constitutes a percentage of the final grade. The breakdown of assessments and corresponding percentages is included in a course syllabus. All grading is calculated as per course rubrics, points, and criteria. The overall passing grade at NLS is 70%. Students must demonstrate proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing at the current course level. In addition to these formal assessments, NLS monitors and documents students’ writing skills informally. Writing skills are tracked through two writing samples per course in the beginner, intermediate, and high intermediate levels.

5 Pathways to Student Success at NLS

Pathway 3: Homework and Participation

Practice makes perfect, which is why homework is assigned every day. Exercises are selected from the workbook and are aligned with the student book. Homework is also checked, and students are expected to participate in the process to identify errors, clarify grammar points, and expand on their social language and vocabulary. Students are expected to participate in and contribute to class discussions, debates, and group projects.

Pathway 4: Attendance

Attendance is required for all courses at NLS as it is vital to academic progress.  To be able to move on to the next course, students must not miss more than 20% of the total class hours. Nile Language School requires that all students to be on time for their classes. Students will be marked Late (L) if they arrive 15 minutes after the class start time unless a personal emergency or severe weather conditions prevent them from attending class. Being late 4 times equals 1 absence.

Pathway 5: Academic Advising

NLS provides Academic Advising in a timely manner. As soon as a student begins struggling in class, the teacher and advisor meet to discuss an individualized learning plan for the student. It is then followed up on weekly basis to ensure the student’s improvement. In addition, college and/or university advising is available to the students who express an interest in higher education opportunities in the U.S. and whose proficiency level is advanced. 

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