Words for ‘Feeling Sad’

5 English Words for ‘Feeling Sad’

Are you in a bad mood or is something bothering you? These 5 English words will help you express yourself!


Meaning:  to feel depressed, very sad


She felt down when she heard the bad news about her grandma.

I’m always there for you if you feel down and need someone to talk to.


Meaning:  to feel wretchedly unhappy or uncomfortable


She felt miserable after talking to the boss.

I’ve been miserable without my friends.


Meaning:  to feel alone and sad due to having no friends or company.


He feels lonely after all her friends left the party.

I hate being lonely. That’s the worst feeling.


Meaning:  to feel or express annoyance or distress, especially after inability to achieve something.


After several days of no electricity, frustrated people contacted the local news to express their irritation.

I felt frustrated after her call.


Meaning: to feel hopeless and ready to do anything to change the current situation


She was so desperate to leave that city. She sold everything she had to buy plane tickets

He had no money to pay for the mortgage and was desperate.

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