Words for ‘Feeling Good’

5 English Words for ‘Feeling Good’

The following words will help you describe your feelings better, when you are in a good mood:


Meaning:  to feel satisfied and happy about how things are.


She is content staying in this town. She doesn’t feel like going anywhere else.

I’m more than content to spend two or three days here.


Meaning: to look forward for something to happen, to feel motivated to do something.


She seems eager to talk about business.

My brother is really eager to master his English. He practices it 4 hours a day. 


Meaning:  to feel extremely happy about something.


My wife would be so elated to move into a new house. The one that we live in makes her feel depressed.

I was elated by the news about his new job.


Meaning:  to feel pleased or delighted.


I’m glad that you could come visit my grandma.

She felt glad that she managed to finish the task on time.


Meaning: to feel happy, not to have any worries, responsibilities or problems.


He felt relaxed and almost carefree.

I can’t forget those carefree days when I was a child. Such a wonderful time!

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