English is a globally spoken language. Nowadays there is nowhere in the world that we cannot communicate with people in English. Learning English is important to understand American culture, obtain a good university degree and to have a career in the United States. 

I believe that language and culture are inseparable. We have an opportunity to learn a new culture by learning a new language. It is essential to be an open-minded person, and have different perspectives. While I was in Myanmar, I have learned their language. It helped me to understand their lifestyle and culture easily. Consequently, I enjoyed every minute of my presence in Myanmar. To understand the American culture, and to enjoy living in the United States the first step is to learn the American English. I have enjoyed every moment of my transition to life in the United States and studying ESL so far.

Moreover, English is known as the world language. Speaking English opens a door to communicate with people from all around the world. This is why I think that learning English is a privilege and it is important to me.

By Saliha A