Useful Internet Acronyms

10 Useful Internet Acronyms (Part 2)

Internet is growing faster and faster day by day. In 2021 it’s impossible to imagine our lives without it. We use it in almost everything we do:  getting package delivered, paying bills, watching movies, getting the latest news and, of course, communicating with each other.

It revolutionized our communications so much, that it became our preferred method of interacting with others IMO. What is IMO? We already discussed it in the previous post about 5 useful internet acronyms.  Today we will learn 5 more. Here we go:

1) LMK – Let Me Know

This acronym is used to tell somebody that they should inform you about something in the future. For example, you can write somebody who is felling unwell “LMK if I can do anything for you”


A: I’m having the job interview in two days

B: That’s awesome. Do you think you’re ready for it?

A: IDK. Feeling nervous about it.

B: I’m sure your interview will go smooth and you’ll get the job.

A: Thanks

B: No problem. LMK how it goes.

A: Sure

2) BRB – Be Right Back

BRB is used when we need to step away from the discussion in an online chat.


A: Hey, how was the interview?

B: It went well. I got the job offer

A: Yaaaay, that’s good news. Did you accept the offer?

B: Of course Hold on, BRB

A: Sure

3) DM – Direct Message

DM is a private message between two or more people. It’s commonly used with a personal pronoun or a name after. For example, “DM me for info”, “DM Mr. Jones for further details”


A: Hey, I’m back.

B: Good 

A: John just DMd me. He says hi

B: Say hi to him to

A: Sure 

4) OMW – On My Way

If you are going somewhere, you can use OMW to notify people that you’re heading to the destination.


A: Hey, I’m already at the restaurant. Waiting for you

B: Sorry. My mom asked me to walk the dog really quick. BRB

A: No problem 

B: Ok, I;m done. OMW

A: Sure 

5) FYI – For Your Information

FYI is used to call attention to certain information and provide details about it. It’s used in both informal and business conversations.


A: FYI, we chose you to be the captain of our team for the quiz game.

B: That’s awesome. Thanks for letting me know.

A: No problem 

English language has hundreds of different collocations. They help us express ourselves better and enrich our language. In this lesson we will discuss 5 collocations with “make”.

It revolutionized our communications so much, that it became our preferred method of interacting with others. That’s why in today’s lesson I prepared 5 useful internet acronyms that will help you be better at internet communication. Here we go:

Holiday and vacation. Most of us feel excited and thrilled when we hear these two words. But the problem is that many ESL students mix them up. Words “vacation” and “holiday” have similar meaning but they still are different.

Here are some examples of phrasal verbs: look up (meaning: to search for information), look after (meaning: to take care of someone), look forward to (meaning: to feel excited about that is going to happen).

Time is the most precious resource that we have and it’s important to spend it wisely. Check out these useful idioms about time. There’s no time to lose!

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