10 Reasons to Learn English Online

10 Reasons Why Learning English Online Is Just As Effective As Traditional Learning

Over 375 million people study English as a Second Language and 1.4 billion people speak English worldwide. English is one of the world’s most spoken languages. Learning English is one of the greatest decisions one can make. Being fluent in English will boost your career and connect you with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds.

With an accredited program and excellent teachers, Nile Language School offers the best courses whether you study English online or face-to-face in the classroom.

Let’s explore the top 10 reasons why learning English online is just as effective as traditional learning.

1- Accessibility

Technological advancements have made language education more accessible and affordable than ever. Students can access live English classes via the Internet regardless of their geographic location. They can learn English from the comfort of their homes or offices. Since NLS classes are recorded, students can watch class recordings at their convenience.

2- Online Classroom Engagement

Learning English online is engaging. NLS guarantees an ultimate learning experience for every student. Our interactive online classroom format creates an engaging and interactive environment for both the students and the teachers. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality English as a Second Language education to all.

According to a study from California State University, San Bernadino, two groups of students—one who studied online and the other group who attended classroom teaching—performed equally well when taught by the same professor. However, the study found that online students were less hesitant to participate and that the quality of interaction was higher.

3- Communication and Support

Student needs are always a top priority at NLS.  Online students receive the same level of support and attention from their teachers as they would in a traditional classroom setting. Teachers are available via email, phone, or text whenever the students have questions during regular business hours.

Whether you study English onsite or online, NLS teachers will ensure you reach your full potential.

4- Flexible Schedule: EST (Eastern Time Zone)

There is so much technology in our lives. Therefore, it is no surprise that so many people decide to learn English online.

Understanding the complexities of today’s new reality, NLS offers evening and morning class schedule in EST time zone convenient for students in most places around the globe. Students can choose to learn at their own pace and under the teacher’s guidance. Modern day technology makes it easy to learn from anywhere and at any time. Students have the flexibility to attend live classes and/or view class recordings for reinforcement or in case of absenteeism.

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Learn English Online

5- Investment in Your Future

Online learning is a great opportunity to prepare for the changing landscape of global markets, industries, and employment opportunities. NLS uses the most innovative video communications and conferencing platform to conduct classes remotely allowing the students to deliver PowerPoint presentations, participate in lectures, webinars, debates, and others. Students get to utilize the newest technology and collaborate with others while advancing their communications skills in English. Isn’t it a good reason to learn English online?

6- Low Student-Teacher Ratio

NLS maintains small class sizes of up to 12 students. Students looking for a more personalized approach to learning will definitely find it at NLS. The smaller the number of students in a group, the more benefits they receive, including, but not limited to, extended individual speaking time and group interaction.

7- Highest Quality Learning: CEA Accredited School

Nile Language School offers a fully accredited ESL program and employs exclusively teachers with top notch credentials. NLS is accredited by the CEA (Commission on English Language Accreditation) and recognized by the State of New Jersey Department of Education and New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) for delivering the highest quality English as a Second Language instruction. Such accreditation and recognition ensures the highest quality of educational standards and practices, programmatic design and course offerings.

*NLS is also authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

8- Class Recordings

Class recording are available to the students at any time and are solely the property of Nile Language School. If students miss classes due to sickness, emergency, or simply a hectic life schedule, they have the opportunity to watch class recordings at a later time and at their convenience.

9- Cultural Immersion

Nile Language School guarantees an invaluable learning experience to every student. Learning English online with NLS allows the students to meet people from different cultural, linguistic, educational, and professional backgrounds.

10- American English and American Culture

At NLS students learn American English through the prism of the American culture and exposure to authentic social contexts, accents, behaviors, and non-verbal communication cues.

Learning English online gives you more...

Our Students’ Success Proves We Have Accomplished Our Mission

I thank Nile Language School very much for the attention to our needs and help its staff provide. I attended several English schools but none was efficient as NLS. I will continue learning English at Nile with pleasure.
Sahyjemal A.
- Student
NLS gives you not only valuable knowledge, but also a new family. You always feel welcome as if you were at home and friendly as if you had known people there for a long time.
Aidana D.
- Student
I recommend Nile Language School because everyone is very friendly, and teachers are very skilled.
Andrea M.
- Student

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