Westminster Bridge at sunset, London, UK

Two cities that I went for work travel are Paris and London. Both are very beautiful places that are great historical cities. No matter how much they look similar, I think that there are some differences in those cities.  London has a great subway web. In London, traffic is on the left. Unlike London, in Paris, traffic is on the right. In London, all people speak English.

In contrast, in Paris all people speak French. There are a lot of tourists in both. A lot of people don’t know that London Eye and Big Ben are very famous places in London. But all people know that Eiffel Tower is a very famous place in Paris. You can find the most delicious foods in the world in both cities. You can shop from all famous brands in both. Both London and Paris are great for vacation. But if I had to choose just one of those places, I think I would choose London. Many people can say if I were you, I would go to Paris. This is my choice. London is the center of the world.                   


by: Ismail—ESL 302



I heard about American culture only from TV channels and YouTube Bloggers. However, once I moved to America from Ukraine I had a great chance to enjoy this culture in all its manifestations. I have never seen such different cultures in one place. I was very curious to find out more about the American people. It was exciting and frightening to me at the same time. It seemed to me that we are the same. However, I was wrong.

American people greet you everywhere with a smile and always ask the question, “Hi! How are you?” And I would always answer them, “Thank you, I am well.” But later I realized they are not really interested in  details about how I am. Perhaps they do not want to hear if I am really not feeling well. It is just a greeting. On the other hand, Ukrainian people do not salute unknown people on the streets. It is unusual for us. Since our childhood, we are taught by our parents to be wary and to not speak with strangers.  Now we are adults, but the caution still lives inside us.

Another cultural difference is the American food. Some Americans love meat cooked rare. I did not know about this until I went to a restaurant. When I cut the meat with my knife I saw that it was not cooked how I like it. I did not eat it and thought it was a waste of money. Ukranians always eat meat well done.

In conclusion, based on my experiences and wonderful journey through the American culture I would say there is always something to learn. And no     matter that we are a little disparate, I am thrilled to reveal this culture in all its colors.

by: Svitlana—ESL 404


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