We used the 5 W’s Question Technique to get to know our newest staff member, Alexander Durmaz. 

WHO:  You can call me Alex, or Efdal in Turkish.

WHAT: I am the Director of Marketing.

WHEN: I started working at NLS in December 2017.

WHERE: I was born in a small, but well-known town in Bursa, Turkey called Iznik (old Roman name: Nicaea). Its history goes all the way back to the 4th century BC!

WHY NLS: I have worked with NLS and Dr. U for many years as Director of Operations and an Agent for Metropolitan Education, helping thousands of international students come to the US for educational purposes. NLS was our partner in providing ESL classes to our students at the summer camps. When Dr. U told me about the position at NLS, I was excited to be a part of a new school and to help grow its reputation!

LIKES: I love soccer and can get very passionate when I talk about it!

DISLIKES: I hate cooked vegetables; I don’t mind eating them raw though!

HOBBIES: I create websites as a hobby. I also collect domain names or the “.com” part of a website. Some people may think I’m a tech geek because of my hobby.